Apex X-TX

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Shhh ... listen to the soft sound of luxury

The Apex X-TX redefines how a luxury crossover snowmobile should really perform. With its revolutionary Electric Power Steering system, it not only sets the benchmark for comfort and handling, but does it in style – with quiet, sophisticated performance.

The Genesis® fuel-injected 4-cylinder engine – a Yamaha exclusive – with its proven EXUP technology and refined intake system, delivers outstanding peak power and torque at low and mid–RPM ranges. The 144"/3648 mm track, Dual Shock® suspension and 150 mm dual-keel skis combine to handle even rough trail conditions with ease.

Explore and enjoy a level of luxury performance you've always dreamed of - aboard the Apex X–TX.


  • EPS (Electric Power Steering) means relaxed riding
  • Genesis 4-cylinder Top Performance 4-stroke engine
  • Unique EXUP system – extra torque and acceleration
  • Dual Shock® CK 144 suspension with Tip Up rails
  • Lightweight aluminium frame – rigidity & balance
  • 144"/3648 mm Camoplast® Ripsaw™ track
  • 150 mm dual-keel skis for precise cornering
  • Optimum ski trail setting
  • Innovative design of body shape and ergonomics
  • Dual-switch controls for grip/thumb warmers
  • Extrovert drive sprockets for secure grip on track
  • Engine braking control with I.S.C.
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS)

    EPS makes it easier to control the machine with accuracy and precision – making you an even better, more relaxed rider. Its computer-controlled actuator provides the optimum level of steering assistance, so the machine feels lighter and more stable during turns, with reduced ski lift. EPS also helps isolate the rider from handlebar kick-back.

  • Genesis® 4-stroke Top Performance engine with EXUP

    Yamaha's unique EXUP (Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve) technology works at its very best with this legendary 4-stroke, 5-valve engine. Torque characteristics are improved in the low and mid-RPM ranges by controlling pressure waves when intake and exhaust valves are open together. The result? Even more powerful acceleration.

  • Dual Shock® CK 144 suspension with tip-up rails

    Lightweight HPG (High Pressure Gas) front shocks are teamed with rear suspension based on the Dual Shock® design that is so well proven on/off-trail. Separate centre and rear shock absorbers – an HPG centre and clicker-adjustable rear shock – make this agile machine exceptionally responsive to the contours of rough terrain.

  • Lightweight aluminium frame

    The lightweight frame is constructed from varying types of aluminium, to achieve an excellent balance of rigidity – the bulkhead is made using Yamaha's unique CF aluminium die-casting technology, while the steering gate section is pressure die-cast as a single unit. The rear frame accommodates a shortened muffler and helps to centralise mass.

  • Camoplast® Ripsaw™ track

    The skid is wrapped in a 144"/3648 mm Camoplast® Ripsaw™ track with a re-shaped profile. This large-size track transfers power from the engine to the snow surface with great efficiency and grip. The result is outstanding acceleration in any speed range.

  • 150 mm dual-keel skis

    To gain maximum benefit – and enjoyment for the rider – from the unique Electric Power Steering (EPS) system, the Apex X-TX is equipped with 150 mm dual-keel skis. This comfortable, soft-riding design offers excellent floatation and more precise control on powder snow. The ski pivot point has also been set forward to reduce ski lift.

  • Extrovert drive sprockets

    The modified drive wheel is combined with a longer track to deliver exceptional traction. To take advantage of the improved torque characteristics of the Genesis® engine, the extrovert drive has lugs on the sprocket wheel which act like a gear mechanism, meshing precisely with holes in the track, for positive grip and propulsion in all conditions.

  • Dual-switch grip heater control and large windshield

    Rider comfort is a priority, so the aerodynamic windshield protects you from wind and snow debris and a glove-friendly switch is provided on each handgrip to keep you warm – control the heat of the grip warmers with the left switch and the thumb warmer with the right switch. A quick push up for hotter – down for cooler.

Tehnički podaci

Type / Displacement   4 Stroke / 998cc
Cylinders   4-Cylinder
Cooling   liquid-cooled
Bore x stroke   74.0 mm x 58.0 mm
Carburation   39 mm Mikuni x 4, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
Ignition system   Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
Intake design   3-valves
Exhaust   2-valves, Rear Exhaust (Ti) with EXUP
Clutch / transmission   YVXC, Variable Ratio, Magnesium Chaincase & Cover, Reverse
Disc brake system   Hydraulic, 4 Piston Aluminium Caliper, Lightweight Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake, Adjust Lever
Front suspension system   Independent, Double Wishbone
Front shocks   40 mm Piston H.P.G., Aluminium
Front travel   219 mm
Rear suspension system   Dual Shock® CK 144 with Tip Up rails
Rear shocks   40 mm Piston, 12.5 mm Rod H.P.G., Aluminium / 40 mm Piston, 12.5 mm Rod, H.P.G., Aluminium, Piggyback Clicker, Compression Damping Adjuster, Aluminium.
Rear Travel   297 mm
Measures / Dimensions    
Overall height   1,210 mm
Overall length   2,975 mm
Overall width   1,220 mm
Track W x L x H   381 mm x 3,658 mm x 32 mm
Track Type   Camoplast® Ripsaw™
Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)   1,080 mm
Fuel tank capacity   34.6 litres
Electric start   Standard
Reverse   Standard
Hand & thumb warmers   Standard, 9 Position, Adjustable, Independent Control
Headlight watts, type   60/55W Halogen x 2
DC output   Standard


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