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The Tracer 700GT is an affordable and accessible Sport Tourer that gives you the ability to create new journeys in your life. With its GT-exclusive features that include a high windscreen and comfort seat – as well as colour matched 20-litre side cases – the sporty Tracer 700GT is built to go the distance.

Powering through meandering roads, riding to work or touring with a passenger and luggage, this agile and versatile motorcycle is built to write new stories, visit new places and make lasting memories.

Its light and agile chassis is built for pure touring enjoyment – and the torque-rich 689cc 2-cylinder engine just makes you want to keep on going way past your destination. Make the move now. And control your future.

At a glance

  • Exciting sport performance with agile handling
  • Colour matched 20-litre touring side cases
  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Long range 17-litre fuel tank
  • Compact, tubular chassis
  • Torque-rich 689cc 2-cylinder crossplane engine
  • Digital instrumentat panel with full LED display
  • Lightweight, 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels
  • Dual 282mm front discs, with 4-pot calipers
  • Versatile, exciting and affordable Sport Tourer
  • Stylish comfort seat
  • Adjustable high windscreen offers extra protection

Adjustable high windscreen/comfort seat

The Tracer 700GT comes with an adjustable high windscreen that gives you enhanced protection from the wind and weather, making every journey more relaxing and enjoyable. And to ensure all-day riding luxury for you and your passenger, the GT model is fitted with an exclusive comfort seat that underlines this Sport Tourer’s genuine long distance potential.

  • Colour matched 20-litre side cases

    When it’s time to get up and go, your Tracer 700GT’s 20-litre side cases give you plenty of capacity to take what you need for the journey ahead – whether it’s your daily ride to work, a weekend away or a full-on long distance tour. Featuring quickly detachable mounts, this lightweight colour matched luggage is practical, stylish and convenient.

  • Everything you need to go the distance

    The Tracer 700GT benefits from a long range 17-litre fuel tank that gives you the ability to cover long touring distances between fuel stops. Knuckle guards deflect wind away from your hands, and the ergonomically designed riding position – together with the adjustable high screen, comfort seat and 20-litre side cases – give a relaxing ride every time.

  • Sport Tourer chassis settings

    To ensure that the Tracer 700GT is ready to perform at the highest level in a wide range of sports and touring situations, the chassis comes with a range of exclusive features. The long aluminium swingarm gives a wheelbase of 1450mm for agility with stability – and the front and rear suspension systems run with Sport Tourer specific settings.

  • Torque-rich 689cc 2-cylinder engine

    The Tracer 700GT's inline 689cc 2-cylinder engine has been developed using Yamaha's innovative crossplane philosophy. The special 270-degree crank gives an uneven firing interval to produce a strong feeling of acceleration and great traction for an exciting ride – while the deep linear torque ensures outstanding performance.

  • Compact and lightweight tubular chassis

    One of the key features on the Tracer 700GT is its compact and lightweight steel backbone-type frame that utilizes the crossplane engine as a stressed member. This strong and minimalist design is equipped with a long aluminium swingarm to give good stability with agile and exciting cornering performance.

  • Outstanding power to weight ratio

    With its intoxicating power delivery and deep linear torque output, the Tracer 700GT is a truly impressive motorcycle – both in terms of the quantity and the quality of performance. Developing outstanding horsepower and torque – and with its low weight – the Tracer 700GT's specifications speak for themselves.

  • Dual headlights with LED position lamps

    Equipped with bright LED position lights, the aerodynamic dual headlight cowl gives the Tracer 700GT a forceful and dynamic look that reflects its sporty character. Front flashers are integrated into the knuckle guards, and a wide range of information is clearly displayed by the multi function LCD digital instruments.

  • Tehnički podaci

    Tip agregata   2 cilindra, hlađenje tekućinom, 4 takta, DOHC, 4 ventila
    Zapremina   689 cm³
    Promjer x hod   80.0 mm x 68.6 mm
    Omjer kompresije   11.5 : 1
    Maksimalna snaga   55.0 kW (74.8 KS) @ 9.000 okr/min
    Maksimalan okretni moment   68.0 Nm (6.9 kg-m) @ 6.500 okr/min
    Sustav podmazivanja   Uljna pumpa
    Napajanje gorivom   Ubrizgavanje goriva
    Tip spojke   Mokra, višelamelna
    Sustav paljenja   TCI
    Sustav pokretanja   Električno
    Sustav prijenosa   6 brzina
    Završni prijenos   Lanac
    Okvir   Čelični
    Sustav prednjeg ovjesa   Teleskopske vilice
    Hod ovjesa sprijeda   130 mm
    Kut prednje vilice   24º 50
    Predtrag   90 mm
    Sustav stražnjeg ovjesa   Njihajuća ruka (Link suspenzija)
    Hod ovjesa straga   130 mm
    Prednja kočnica   Dvostruki diskovi, Ø 282 mm
    Stražnja kočnica   Jednostruki disk, Ø 245 mm
    Prednja guma   120/70 ZR 17M/C(58W)
    Stražnja guma   180/55 ZR 17M/C(73W)
    Ukupna dužina   2.138 mm
    Ukupna širina    806 mm
    Ukupna visina   1.270 mm
    Visina sjedala   835 mm
    Međuosovinski razmak   1.450 mm
    Minimalna udaljenost od tla   140 mm
    Ukupna težina   ABS 196 kg (sa punim spremnikom goriva)
    Kapacitet spremnika goriva   17 litara
    Kapacitet spremnika ulja   3.0 litara

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