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Phazer R-TX


Phazer R-TX

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Bumps? What bumps? Smooth out those rough trails!

Head off on your Phazer R-TX to rough trail heaven. Enjoy the power of the Genesis® 4-stroke Sport Performance engine, the tuneable suspension and the FOX® FLOAT® air shocks. Bumps? What bumps?!

With its excellent anti-bottoming performance, bump-smoothing capabilities and competition-style hooked handlebars, the super responsive Phazer R-TX brings you all the agility and handling control of the legendary Yamaha YZ motocross bike!

Like the YZ, the Phazer R–TX has the famous Yamaha Advantage – an unbeatable package of reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions. What's more, you'll find it very easy to ride on rough trails, whatever your experience level. So try one soon.


  • 2-Cyl., 4-stroke Genesis® Sport Performance Engine
  • FOX® FLOAT® front shocks – easy to adjust
  • Dual Shock® CK rear suspension
  • Camoplast® Ripsaw™ track
  • Lightweight rear-exit exhaust and enclosed tunnel
  • Electric start and push-button reverse
  • Dual-keel skis and high, wide windshield
  • Sporty, rider-forward ergonomics
  • Tall and narrow motocross-style seat
  • Wide, hooked handlebars with improved grip
  • Multi-function digital gauge
  • Advanced fuel injection system
  • Genesis® 4-stroke Sport Performance engine

    The Genesis® engine is lightweight yet torquey, for quick acceleration. The counterbalanced, lightweight crankshaft helps yield snappy throttle response and smooth running. And whatever the conditions, the fuel injection and digital ignition systems maintain the optimum fuel/air mix to keep your engine running at peak performance.

  • Lightweight FOX® FLOAT® shocks

    With FOX® FLOAT® shocks, a strong air spring forces the piston to rebound – eliminating the need for heavy steel coil springs – and compared to conventional springs, they save significant weight. A pocket-sized air pump is supplied, allowing you to tune each shock individually – and set up the front suspension to suit your own riding style.

  • Dual Shock® CK rear suspension

    Dual Shock® CK rear suspension, with an HPG clicker shock, is perfect for riding rough trails. The carrier wheels on the rear upper cross shaft are oversized for improved efficiency and reduced friction. The rear mount has a cantilever system that allows the track tension to remain consistent through the compression travel.

  • Lightweight, rear-exit exhaust

    Designing the exhaust to exit at the rear serves three purposes. First, it keeps the engine bay cooler, allowing a super-compact design. Secondly, it allows the engine to breathe more efficiently through the pre-cooled exhaust pipe. Finally, it helps to optimise the balance and weight of the power system and thus, the whole snowmobile package.

  • Dual-keel skis and high, wide windshield

    Comfort and protection are key to your enjoyment of the Phazer R-TX. First, there are the tuner dual-keel skis, with their precise control, handling and soft-riding characteristics – then there’s the tall, wide windshield, which offers a level of protection you’ll really appreciate when pounding the trails.

  • Wide running boards and wide hooked handlebars

    To match the forward-riding position, a single-piece, dual-hooked handlebar is the perfect choice. The hooks have the same grip material as the main bar section - for consistent control, regardless of hand position on the grip. The wide running boards let you move around and enjoy the full fun of a lightweight snowmobile.

  • Multi-function digital instrument panel

    The multi-function digital gauge displays key information at a glance. Speed is displayed on a large LCD readout and the rider can select tachometer, odometer or tripmeter data to appear on the secondary readout. The gauge also displays system warning lights, fuel level, and grip warmer intensity.

Tehnički podaci

Type / Displacement   4 Stroke / 499cc
Cylinders   2-Cylinder
Cooling   liquid-cooled
Bore x stroke   77.0 mm x 53.6 mm
Carburation   43 mm KEIHIN x 2, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
Ignition system   Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
Intake design   3-valves
Exhaust   2-valves, Rear Exhaust
Clutch / transmission   YXRC, Variable Ratio, Electronic Shift Reverse
Disc brake system   Hydraulic, 2 Piston Aluminium Caliper, Lightweight Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
Front suspension system   Independent, Double Wishbone
Front shocks   FOX® FLOAT® , Air Shock, Aluminium
Front travel   219 mm
Rear suspension system   Dual Shock CK®
Rear shocks   36 mm Piston, H.P.G., Aluminium / 36 mm Piston, H.P.G., Aluminium
Rear Travel   412 mm
Measures / Dimensions    
Overall height   1,340 mm
Overall length   2,830 mm
Overall width   1,215 mm
Track W x L x H   356 mm x 3,072 mm x 25 mm
Track Type   Camoplast® Ripsaw™
Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)   1,080 mm
Fuel tank capacity   26.7 litres
Electric start   Standard
Reverse   Standard
Hand & thumb warmers   Standard, 9 Position, Adjustable, Selectable Left Side Control
Headlight watts, type   60/55W Halogen x 2
DC output   Optional


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